Tina Steele Penn - View Tina's Artwork

A teaching artist residing in Charlotte North Carolina, Tina has been studying art fundamentals, style and technique since
childhood. Heavily influenced by color, Tina has developed her own style and flavor, largely Impressionistic and bordering on the Abstract. All of her work is characterized by the exploration of complements and light.

Tina studied art in Tampa Florida while a music major. She spends her time when not painting, teaching art in her studio and area retirement and recreation centers. "Everyone should learn how to paint," she says, " so they can experience true enjoyment in expression!"

Tina was first influenced in the artistic environment of her childhood home by her mother, Bessie Steele, herself an artist.
Bessie strongly believes that everyone has an artistic ability within them -- that our challenge is to reveal the inner artist.

Starting with finger paints and graduating to oils in grade school, Tina has extensive experience in all mediums. Painting primarily with oils, she began working with watercolors and washes about twenty years ago, and has been using acrylics more recently. Enjoying the benefits of layers and effects achieved in the combination of media, she is currently exploring mixed media: watercolor, acrylics, oils, inks and metallics.